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Today’s e-learning needs to be accessible on lots of different devices to give your learners the flexibility they need to learn whenever and wherever they like. Infmedia’s learning designers are highly experienced when it comes to creating responsive, adaptive multi-device content. Multi-device e-learning will transform your approach to learning in the workplace. It allows you to reduce time spent in formal training and cut the cost of expensive workshops. Making courses accessible on tablets and smartphones as well as more traditional channels gives your learners the flexibility they need to fit learning into their busy schedules, and allows you to deliver a different type of content for the most effective blended programme.

What are the benefits of e-learning?

There are many operational and strategic benefits of e-learning, ranging from those which help learners directly to those which help the organisation as a whole. These include:
- reducing the cost of delivery
- increasing the speed of delivery
- making learning more consistent
- making learning more accessible
- making learning easier to update
- providing more flexibility for learners
- promoting continuous improvement
- facilitating cultural change
- creating learning networks within your organisation.

Is your e-learning responsive and adaptive?

With tablets and smartphones becoming increasingly popular in the corporate learning space, it is important that your learning is truly multi-device, and not simply ‘e-learning made smaller’.
Infmedia has long been pioneering multi-device learning by creating responsive, adaptive courses which change to fit the screen real estate and functionality of smaller devices.
Responsive and adaptive learning design is the key to creating smartphone- and tablet-friendly courses and resources for the optimum user experience. Working alongside Infmedia means your materials will be accessible across devices, giving your learners choice, flexibility and a more enjoyable experience well into the future.
We can also work with you to help you create your own learning courses for tablets and smartphones with multi-device authoring tools for the most cost-effective, easily updated content.

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